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The Situation Worsens—Japan on the Brink of Nuclear Disaster?

This is a closeup of the damaged No. 4 reactor at the Fukushima nuclear plant  says Reuters.  Then they add that France is telling its citizens to leave Japan or head to south of country. NPR tells us that the heroic workers are evacuating part of the crippled plant.  Though the latest information says that they have returned. An English Japanese media source says that this nuclear disaster will be comparable to Chernobyl’s. But he didn’t have to tell us, we can already see the gaping hole in the reactor. BBC has a clear description of what happened. Now the workers have returned but for how long as huge aftershocks rock the plant, fire burns out of control and radiation levels continue to spike.

I think I’m going to bed and pretend that I just had a bad dream.

UPDATE: I made that up about going to bed.  Here’s a great timeline of events at Reuters.

UPDATE 2: If you don’t look at anything else, take a look at this before and after shot of the Fukushima nuclear power site.


Photo here.



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