Sky and Kristine—summer of 2010 along the Rogue River.

photo added by Rex Everything


A friend of Kristine Constantino sent me these.  If you have offered comments elsewhere on the blog please copy them and post them below so that family and friends can more easily find them.

Sometimes photos and stories are the best gift that can be offered when someone has lost a loved one.  If the photos and stories are ones that they don’t already have, for some they are like windows into another time.  The more windows, the more light comes into the darkness of the loss.

UPDATE: A friend of Kristine sent me these memories.

Kristine was an exceptionally beautiful human being in so many ways. She was a rational idealist with an enormous heart. She lived as she spoke, did what she said she would do, and treated everybody and everything with respect and kindness.

Kristine was walking in front of Calico’s as a homeless man was being put into a police car. The policeman asked Kristine, “Do you have a dog?”

She replied, “Why, no.”

The cop held out the leash of the arrestee’s dog and Kristine took it. “Now you do,” he said.

And that’s the story of how Kristine got her dog. (Was his name Lucky?)

Then she added—

The pictures look good! The ones [x] sent you were a little um, mellow. There’s some spunk showing now. And Kristine had spunk!

UPDATE2: More friends and family sent photos which I have added above.  And here is another memory of Kristine.

Kristine in my eyes: sensitive, loving, caring, great listener, nature lover, and free spirit.

She was caring for a friend who had terminal cancer illness who she met only for a month. Her friend did not have any relatives that would take care of her. Kristine spent months to bath, feed, take her to see doctors and be there for her without any kinds of compensation. Before Kristine friend’s passed away, she said ” You are truly an angel and amazing human being, you will be a great mom and I am sure your mom would be so proud of you.”

UPDATE3: A friend of Sky’s sent the picture of the two of them and I thought Kristine’s family and friends might enjoy it, too.  There is a memorial for him scheduled for the 27th at the Summit Town Grange at 2pm.

UPDATE4: Obituary for Kristine