Gray smoke rises. Fukushima nuclear plant has some workers evacuated.  “Tokyo Electric Power Co. spokesman Hiroshi Aizawa said the company was investigating after the smoke was seen rising from the spent fuel storage pool of Unit 3.”

Japan prepares to spray concrete on nuclear plant if necessary.

Helicopter footage of the tsunami. I’ve seen some excerpts but this is just amazing to watch.

60 Minutes dissects the Fukushima crisis.  Go here. The interview with the teacher who was in a gym with about 200 kids, parents and teachers as the tsunami swallowed it up is riveting.  I was only able to watch the first 14 minutes then the adblocker killed the video.  I have to see the rest of this.  The interviews and the video footage give a sense of both the incredible scope of the disaster and the personal tragedy.

A series of photos of the devastation.  The one above comes from this page.

Radioactive food worries—Like Japan doesn’t have enough problems.

Interesting site—The Journalist Wall of Shame. A wiki page on overblown journalism of the Japan crisis.  To be fair, I don’t know who the judges are and how correct their criticism is but it is an interesting read.

World Health Organization’s information on the radiation crisis.


Photo from here.