— Tomorrow is César Chávez’ birthday, a state holiday in California. This means that the local Caltrans office will take the day off, despite the fact that a massive landslide just destroyed Highway 101 and just might leave us isolated for two weeks or more. (Prognostications vary.)

— Google didn’t come to Humboldt. A high-profile, years-long and very well organized local campaign failed to sway our info-overlords, who today chose Kansas City, Kansas as a test market for their new residential fiber optic business. Kansas City?!? I hear they got some crazy little women there … no, wait, that’s across the river.

— What didn’t we learn today? Whether or not the massive mud dump onto the highway has any bearing at all on the lone strand of fiber that is Humboldt County’s info pipeline to the world. AT&T’s fiber optic line runs along Highway 101 for much of the distance from Mendo County to Humboldt, but it makes a couple of jogs away here and there. We were unable to raise anybody from AT&T to comment on whether we might reasonably expect difficulties. More tomorrow.

— Rep. Mike Thompson introduced a House resolution to “raise tsunami awareness,” following on the March 11 tsunami that devasted Crescent City Harbor and damaged Fort Bragg and Santa Cruz. Unlike the Republican-sponsored bill that would defund tsunami alert systems currently making its way through Congress, Thompson’s resolution has no monetary effect whatsoever.