— Fishermen are pushing for an earlier and longer salmon season this year, and a healthier population means that the federal agency that determines such things seems inclined to give it to them. The T-S reports that the agency is mulling three options for this year’s season, and most of them would mean a bigger salmon year than we’ve been accustomed to, lately.

— Two local school districts – Scotia and Mattole Valley — are more or less broke. That doesn’t include Mattole Valley’s large charter school operation, though. (T-S)

— The Board of Supervisors meets to declare a local state of emergency at 1 p.m. today, the T-S reports. County staff estimates that the recent rainstorm caused $2 million in damage. Briceland Road is mostly open to one-way traffic around the damange. Also in the story, linked above: SoHum school officials wonder about how to run buses once repairs to Briceland get underway.

— KIEM News takes a peek at some of Eureka’s ugliest vacant and boarded buildings, including the Downtowner Motel. The headline says that “plans are in the works” for such buildings; this turns out to refer only to the plans of the buildings’ owners, which are mostly vague.

— Recapping last night’s KMUD news, which you can find in the player below. The Humboldt County Transit Authority announces that SoHum bus riders are now paying for 10 percent of the service with their fares – an important milestone (4:00). Mike Jani of Mendocino & Humboldt Redwood Company talks about why the company is opposing conservation easements for projects like the community Usal Forest (12:00). Pete Nichols of Humboldt Baykeeper talks about his upcoming trip to Iraq, where he will meet with nascent environmental groups around the Tigris River (19:00).