— The moronic and the evil dominate T-S coverage today. In addition to the racist scuzzballs who attacked a Eureka gas station attendant we talked about yesterday, you’ve got a drunken 19-year-old threatening to murder people in Sequoia Park, apparently for a laugh.

Elsewhere, the Sheriff’s Office continues to look for the suspects in a Willow Creek home invasion attempt last week, during which one man was killed. The T-S’s Matt Drange wraps the Sheriff’s Office update with memories of the victim, Darrell Hanger Sr.

Up in Crescent City, the Del Norte County DA’s Office is going to try for the death penalty in the gruesome case of the high-on-mushrooms cage fighter who tortured and mutilated an acquaintance in the worst possible ways before murdering him a couple of years ago. “This story contains graphic content,” warns the T-S. This is an understatement.

— Has the Lost Coast Brewery given up on Marina Center? Yesterday the Eureka Planning Commission heard about the company’s plans to build a big new facility down by Sunset Cemetery and the K-Mart, the T-S‘s Allison Edrington reports. Apparently they’re talking about this lot right here, nestled in the crook of Highway 101, Sunset Road and Weiler Road:


The expansion would bump Lost Coast’s production way up, but some of the would-be neighbors are concerned about traffic and brewery-stink.

— Paging Tad Robinson! KIEM has a report on the first meeting of a countywide homeless task force, which is convening to tackle what is billed as a “major problem in our community.” Eureka PD Chief Garr Nielsen was there; he says that “the system is broken.”

Elsewhere, District Attorney Paul Gallegos, also present at the task force meeting, called for the county to get over itself and approve a methadone treatment facility for heroin addicts looking to kick.

— On the KMUD News: Sequoia Park attack (2:00). FISH ON! Charming 10-minute mini-documentary on the current fishing season in Shelter Cove, which is evidently awesome (2:40). Still searching for missing elderly man Bob Firestone (12:00).

KMUD News, May 9