– A doctor who formerly practiced in Eureka is afraid to return to town to face charges because she fears being assassinated, the T-S Thadeus Greenson reports.

If her attorney’s statements to the court, Dr. Fran Day – who has been charged with preventing emergency medical personnel from treating one of her patients, and also being loose with pain medication subscriptions – has succumbed to one of highest manifestations of vanity: The idea that one is important enough to be silenced through murder.

If you’re interested in the strange case of Dr. Day, the subject was explored thoroughly by the North Coast Journal’s Heidi Walters in a pair of stories last year.

– Arcata’s super-cool new senior housing project is a go, the T-S’s Allison Edrington reports. It’s gonna be three stories and 28 units, right across the street from the Co-op. A companion piece talks about how the state threat to redevelopment agencies hurried the project along.

– The county’s nascent medical marijuana ordinance, which is based on Arcata’s, is gonna be back before the Planning Commission tomorrow night.

– KIEM-TV.com has a page suggesting that one of the men who allegedly assaulted and racially taunted a Myrtle Avenue gas station attendant Sunday is preparing to turn himself in, and also the the feds are investigating the matter. But the clip itself is crashing my Flash, so I can’t tell you anything about it.

– Dedicated LoCO readers already saw Barbara Kennedy’s scorched-earth defense of the Grovie position contra yr ob’d’t s’v’t, but today Times-Standard readers get a taste. Eugene Womack of Myers Flat kicks in with a few licks, including the curious theory that the Board of Supervisors should be able to appropriate Caltrans’ budget for the project and divert those monies to local road repair.

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