The Humboldt County Deputy Sheriff’s Organization has launched a campaign against the grim budget cuts that are coming down the pike. In a radio ad that begins airing today, the HDSO – the union, effectively, of the Sheriff’s Office rank-and-file – makes things personal: It blasts county employees tasked with implementing budget cuts, and promises drastic cutbacks in law enforcement services if the forecast cuts go through.


“With the Blue Lake and Trinidad Police Departments being recently disbanded, we have even more area to cover than ever before,” argues HDSO President Steve Quenell in a press release that also talks about the possible ramifications of the closure of the McKinleyville and Garberville substations. “And, now they want to cut 20 law enforcement officers, leaving us with only 73? There has to be a better way to solve the County’s budget without so dramatically threatening the public’s safety and the safety of the deputies left to patrol the community.”