The folds and seams of the North Coast landscape hold secret beauties both natural and man made.  KQED’s Lisa Morehouse* explored one of the secrets today.  She tells of a group of immigrant quilters in Mendocino Co. They meet and create fabulous art which has been shown around the country. If you are a lover of fabric art, you must listen to their story.


It only takes about 5 minutes.

The photo above is of a quilt one of the women made which tells the story of some migrants who were trying to cross the border and were robbed and murdered by their guide.

Another woman spent a year making a 6 foot quilt of Jesus.  She used satin and thread to show his blood flowing from his heart.  It is gorgeous. Here is a closeup of the Jesus quilt discussed in the article.

Here is a slide show and more about the women and their quilts. Here is their webpage and their book. They have a showing now in Boonville and early next year they have a showing at the North Carolina Gregg Museum. Take a moment and know some of the creative people who are your North Coast neighbors.


Full Disclosure I make quilts and I have worked with Lisa in the past