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Garberville Gold

Farmer’s Market

Ernie’s started a new blog, Garberville, to discuss the wonderful and not so wonderful parts about the town of Garberville.  Currently, the major point seems to be the homeless/transient problem.

We have been having town meetings lately, because tempers are beginning to flare and we need some solutions. The homeless have become an unbearable burden to some, and it is apparent to most that our businesses are being damaged.

He offers some suggestions to get the ball rolling.

Now, we need a fair plan to clean up our town. I would like to take suggestions. Some that I’ve heard, is that a person can’t loiter. Sidewalks are for walking and standing, no sitting or napping on the curb. It is not a storage area. No back-packs or bed rolls laying around. Call in problems, and have ALL shoplifters arrested. Make security tapes of shoplifters made available to the sheriff dept. AND other merchants



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