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Were You Planning To Talk Weed at Tomorrow’s Supes Meeting?

Humboldt County Board of Supervisors Chair Mark Lovelace sends the following:

There seems to be a persistent rumor out there that our Board will be having a discussion of MMJ policy at tomorrow’s meeting, and I’m told there has been a big push to get a lot of people to drive up from SoHum to be there. In fact, we have nothing at all related to this subject on our agenda.  Can you help get the word out to people that we will not be discussing marijuana policy tomorrow?  While people are always welcome to address us on any subject during public comment (at 1:30), I’d hate to have people driving all the way up here expecting a discussion only to find out that it’s not on the agenda.

Now, we at the Lost Coast Outpost haven’t heard this persistent rumor, so we can’t say for certain whether Lovelace states it accurately. Are these alleged pushers merely hoping to flood the zone with medical weed talk during the public comment period at 1:30 p.m.? If so, that is within bounds, though arguably poor form — especially since tomorrow afternoon is gonna be slammed with redistricting talk

Take note, though: There is no discussion of medical marijuana policy on the agenda. Adjust your plans accordingly, if you like.



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