The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors today voted to finalize new lines for the county’s supervisorial districts. The lines they approved are exactly those we laid out last week, with one small exception. Clerk-Recorder Carolyn Crnich proposed to remove Cutten’s Precinct 1ES-3 (population: 1) from the First District and award it to the Third, simply in order to even out a crooked line. Crnich’s proposed map looked like this:


But the precinct is home to the Cutten Ball Fields, and it was reasonably argued that the ballfields belong with Cutten. So Crnich allowed herself to be overruled.

Just about the only other noteworthy thing at the meeting was yet another push from citizen Brian Mitchell (a LoCO commenter) to “keep Eureka’s Fourth Ward whole.” Supervisor Virginia Bass chipped in a bit with this effort. There was much high-minded talk of the Fourth Ward as a natural, definable, whole community that should never be divided, and it was almost thick enough to prevent one from remembering that the whole point of the exercise was to save Rex Bohn the inconvenience of moving house. Almost. They were politely shut down.

With this, our redistricting coverage draws to a close. See you all in ten years.