Mendocino Co. Sheriff’s Office has been facing questions on how much money is being spent on the hunt for the suspect in two homicides, Aaron Bassler.

This afternoon they released this:

Since the murders of Matthew Coleman and Jere Melo by Aaron Bassler, The Mendocino County sheriff’s Office, with the assistance from:

Fort Bragg Police Department

Willits Police Department

Ukiah Police Department

Mendocino County District Attorney’s Office

Mendocino County Welfare Fraud Investigators


California Highway Patrol

Fish and Game

California State parks

Department of Justice

Federal Bureau of Investigation

United States Marshal Service

has maintained an extensive search in the rural rugged area east of Ft. Bragg.

Since August 27, 2011, the Sheriff’s Office has maintained a 24 hour a day command post in Fort Bragg. Officers have been deployed in the field during the entire duration of this investigation. The above listed agencies have also participated in every aspect of the search for suspect Bassler and without their assistance, the investigation would have progressed at a much slower rate.

During these last 25 days the Sheriff’s Office has expended 2,690 man hours of overtime which equates to roughly $133,000.00.

The above figure does not take into account the regular work time hours of personnel assigned to this investigation.

Long hours, rough terrain, insects, poison oak, weather and all the things associated with this search is difficult. But knowing that we have the support of our community strengthens our resolve to continue the search.

The coastal communities and Timber Companies have shown support in every way and we can not thank them enough.

In case you missed this, the LA Times had a piece two days ago on the mental health aspects of the case.