A few weeks ago, the county Board of Supervisors tasked Clerk-Recorder Carolyn Crnich with tweaking their preferred redistricting option — the so-called Plan 2A. Well, the Elections Office has posted the requested tweaks on their Web site in advance of Tuesday’s BoS meeting, at which the new lines are supposed to be finalized. 

Let’s take a look, shall we?

Probably the biggest news is that the line between the First and the Fourth District has indeed been altered, as speculated. The First District now swoops in to reclaim Henderson Center. Rather than a clean line down Harris, the border jogs down to Henderson Street for a bit.

Still not enough, though, for Rex Bohn! The declared 2012 First District candidate is tantalizingly close to the region he seeks to rule — just about 350 feet, by my calculation — but Bohn Manor remains squarely in the Fourth. Rex still seems to be running hard; if he wants to keep it up, it looks like he’s going to have to move house. 


The shift down to Henderson Street was by way of compensation for the fact that the board decided to give Weott back to the Second District, in response to SoHum outrage that it might be taken from them. This is now a done deal. The new First District’s, uh, appendage, has been circumcised or foreshortened; it now takes in Scotia and the northern tip of the Avenue of the Giants and even reaches up to Highway 36 east of Hydesville, but SoHum gets to keep its precious Weott.


Get a room, you two!

Overall, I’m going to continue to maintain that this map is something of a travesty. The First District’s appendage should go down in the gerrymander history books. From this angle, it appears that it will be micturating on Alderpoint for the next 10 years. But that’s only one of the headscratchers, here. Scotia will be ruled by Cutten/Henderson Center. Fortuna is separated from many of its suburbs. The city of Blue Lake and the rest of Blue Lake will be in entirely different districts.

Poor show, Supes!