Wow. Sometimes Satan indulges in jaw-dropping capers.”

So begins “40 Days of Pro-Evil Prayer,” an article by one Marvin Olasky on the Christian news website about Humboldt Clergy for Choice. This group of local religious leaders is currently partnering with Six Rivers Planned Parenthood on a thing called “40 Days of Prayer,” which supports women in their right to choose. It’s apparently a riposte to the national “40 Days For Life” movement

The Christ-o-sphere got hold of this and is collectively losing its shit as we speak.

But help is at hand! In a follow-up, Olasky’s colleague Mary Jackson notes that the pro-life family planning center down the road from Six Rivers — Pregnancy Care Center of the North Coast — has stiffened its resolve in the face of the Planned Parenthood initiative. A spokesperson tells Jackson that the clinic might start its own local “40 Days of Life” event.