As reported on Monday, the hard-working students of Alice Birney fell victim to the evil machinations of an area bike thief (or thieves). Today’s T-S offers greater detail and bike program instructor Melanie Williams emailed to say:

We’d like to build a more secure bike parking facility and combine it with a workstation where we can teach the mechanics course in the future.
The reality is these kids live in this neighborhood and will be taking their new to them bikes home for the summer.  We’ll need 18 good quality locks.
People who want to support the student cyclists in the Bike Program (they are 4th-6th graders) in their efforts to learn safe riding and mechanics can send them a card  at  Bike Program  c/o Alice Birney Elementary     717 South Avenue Eureka, CA 95503.  — And cheer them on in the Rhody Parade and the Family Ride at the TUC.  

Students will also be riding to school May 9th as part of the first annual National Bike to School Day.

Monetary donations should be sent to:
Alice Birney Bike Program
Alice Birney Elementary School
717 South Avenue
Eureka, CA 95503