Two-Man Gentlemen Band at KHUM

How’s your day going? Pretty good? Are you full up on whimsical depravity?

Andy Bean & the Councilman are The Two-Man Gentlemen Band. They play festive music, two gentlemen at a time.

In this live KHUM session, they sing the praises of porkchops, offer tips for those men who prefer the infamous “open-toed lifestyle“, and make tennis references that we had to Google later.  

The Gentlemen’s memorable, pithy compositions combine the sounds of hot jazz, vintage rhythm & blues, and tin-pan alley with boundless energy and enthusiasm.

Andy Bean pounds out intricate, rapid-fire chord changes and melodies on an assortment of antique 4-string guitars and banjos. Bassist Fuller “The Councilman” Condon dances around the fingerboard with a punchy, driving style that renders a drummer unnecessary.