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NAUGHTY HUMBOLDT: No Crab for Christmas This Year


The Oregonion reports that the regional commercial crab season has been re-delayed ‘til Dec. 31 due to the fact that sample specimens collected — and subsequently dipped in garlic butter, no doubt — still have sub-optimal meat-to-shell ratios.

Oregon wildlife managers say that the Dungeness off their own shores are A-OK, but those in our region and southern Washingon are still too spindly, and hence we’ve torpedoed the holidays for the entire coast.


UPDATE, 11 a.m.: What are we to make of the Times-Standard’s report this morning that the California Department of Fish and Game won’t announce it’s decision for our stretch of the coast until 5 p.m. today?

A split season has certainly happened before, but check these facts: The Oregonian — whose report is based on a meeting held yesterday between regulators representing all three states — says that the skimpy Cali crabs are flubbing the season. Their own crabs are golden, they say.

So would Oregon delay its own harvest if California isn’t going to? Or is the California delay a foregone conclusion, decided yesterday, but which for whatever reason of bureaucracy remains officially unannounced in our great state?

I ask you. But we shall see, I suppose.



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