Video provided by Mariah Gregori

According to Mariah Gregori who provided the above video, this slide on Cartwright Rd. came down early Sunday morning about four miles from the Honeydew store towards Panther Gap.  Gregori explained, “The video was taken around 11:30am and I witnessed more trees sliding down the hill about 15 min later. After that it seemed relatively stable.”

According to Gregori there were a number of residents behind the slide.

Gregori says, “This is standing on the now open road looking up at the slide. The county road is right at the top. There is a culvert gushing water onto the slide.”

When the road was cleared this afternoon, many residents were choosing to bring their cars down and put them on the other side of the slide area in order that they might have some access to town.

According to Gregori, “Water has been diverted to the next culvert down the road.”  The road is (at least temporarily) open.

Photos courtesy of Neighbor Dave.  Thank you. And good luck to all of you out there.