Laurie Shannon writes:

I need some help & wondered if you might direct your readers to a Craig’s List posting. The information & photo is listed under ‘Farm & Garden’, ‘Furniture’, and ‘Household Goods’. (I wasn’t sure where to list them…)

I have some beautiful 6’-tall dieffenbachia plants that are being BOOTED OUT of the lobby at [REDACTED]. NEXT WEEK. I need to find good homes for 3 dieffenbachias, which will require large windows with good light and adequate space (minimum 8’ height & about 3½’ diameter). The dieffenbachias are currently thriving in West-facing windows (which often burn other plants). The dieffenbachias are in matching 16” ceramic pots (dark gray-green), and planted in coordinating plastic liner pots to enhance drainage and help provide air to the roots. The plant-and-liner-pot can be moved separately from the ceramic outer pot, which makes the overall plant easier to move.

The two largest plants have multiple stems and are very stable, meaning they will not need to be transplanted for a long time. When the main stem gets too tall, it can be removed and the secondary stems will become dominant as new stems sprout from the base. The smallest plant is a single-stem plant, but was recently repotted and I believe it will become a multiple-stem plant. I would be willing to train the new owners in proper dieffenbachia care. I am not a horticulturalist, but I have had about 40 hours of college botany and have a very green thumb.

I would like to sell the two larger plants for about $100 each (OBO), and the smaller plant for $50, mostly to recover the costs of the pots. I’m not trying to make a profit. I think a person would generally expect to pay $150 - $300 for plants of this size. I just need to find new homes for them, with adequate light & space. Very soon.

I am NOT socially networky - no Facebook, Twitter, or the like – sorry. Interested people can email me at tallplants74@gmail.com.

Thanks a bunch.

Laurie Shannon