arkleyThis morning on KSLG, Eureka kazillionaire Rob Arkley spoke with John Matthews about lots and lots of things: national politics, the Occupy movement, the new east-west train route and port development project that he’s championing, and much else. He called county Community Development Services Director Kirk Girard an habitual liar and challenged Girard to an hour-long debate on the Matthews show at some point in the future.

One fact-check: At around 8 minutes in, Arkley tells Matthews that he is “offended by the monetization of politics” in this day and age, and says that he has not contributed to candidates in the cycle. “I didn’t give to McCain for this reason, and I suspect I’ll be in the same place with Mitt [Romney],” he says. However, the Federal Elections Commission reports that Arkley did donate $2,500 to Romney’s campaign on Dec. 2 of last year. (If that link doesn’t work for you, try this one on Open Secrets.)

It’s unclear whether this apparent contradiction of facts is due to some confusion between interviewer and interviewee, or whether the donation simply slipped Arkley’s mind, or whether the donation was given but later withdrawn, or whether Arkley — for some reason — wished to fudge the facts. But since we have it on good authority that “truth matters,” we include this correction here.

Audio below: