Saturday night at the Rutabaga Ball a new Rutabaga Queen for 2012 was crowned. Congratulations to Sohotshe Burns La Rutabaga who won the hearts of the judges this year. As in recent years, this was a close competition. In addition to Queen Sohotshe, the judges also crowned Rutabaga Princesses: second year Princess Johnny Berry-Picker, and Princess Kitty Lanai. All contestants competed in Ball Gown, Water Crossing, and “Talent.” Additionally there was a great deal of bribery (as is traditional.)

Kudos to all the participants and their entourages for creating a camaraderie that shows real closeness. Princess Berry-Picker even loaned some of his entourage to Princess Kitty Lanai so that she would have adequate support. That is true Rutabaga royalty. 

This year’s ball had one of the largest crowds seen in recent years. The throng cheered wildly for all the contestants. The entertainment was excellent with both DJ Gabe and Eyes Anonymus providing music that packed the dance floor. 

The Queen and her royal court will preside over this years Kinetic Grand Championship and throughout the year. 

Shortly after Queen Shohotshe was crowned,
 Cliff interviewed her backstage: