On a partly cloudy day in Eureka with the clouds increasing throughout the day, many of us were not sure if we would actually get to see this oh so rare of events, an annular solar eclipse. As it started we watched through our special viewing glasses. The clouds would completely obscure the celestial event from time to time, only to clear long enough for all of us gathered on our front porch to gasp in wonder. As the time of totality approached, a big cloud moved in front of the sun, completely obscuring the view. As the minutes grew closer we watched the cloud move further and further east as the sun slowly sank in the west. And then it happened: The sun came out from behind the cloud just as it went to maximum& eclipse. Amazing! We cheered and shared our glasses, and were happy to be among those to enjoy an annular solar eclipse. Here are a few of the shots I got from my front porch.