PREVIOUSLY: EPD in Standoff With Person Barricaded in Home

From the Eureka Police Department:


The Eureka Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Division followed up on the arrest of Jeffrey Wood at 328 Cooper Lane by serving a search warrant on the apartment. Detectives recovered several large caliber handguns, a shotgun and a small caliber rifle. Four expended 40 caliber cartridges and one expended 38 caliber cartridge were located inside the apartment. Five bullet holes were also found in the walls, ceiling and doors of the house. This evidence, along with other previously known facts, supports the allegation that Wood discharged a firearm in a grossly negligent manner. (PC 246.3(a)).

One of the bullets passed through the front door, from inside to outside, with the bullet impact location and the bullet debris, spread in the direction of officers on scene. This evidence, along with other previously known facts, supports the allegation that Wood resisted arrest by violence or threats of death to officers. (PC 69).

Detectives also located a hydroponic marijuana grow and other marijuana growing paraphernalia, along with three devices and the necessary chemicals to process marijuana into hash oil. Based on these findings the allegation of manufacturing controlled substances has added to Wood’s charges. (H&S 11379.6(a)).