UPDATE 12 Midnight: “It’s not the Humboldt County Sheriff’s office,” says Lt. Steve Knight.  He says his office has not been flying a helicopter in the area.

UPDATE 11:24 P.M.: PG&E appears to be moving poles in the redway area which accounts for the third helicopter mentioned below.

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CLMP (Civil Liberties Monitoring Project) is reporting several different instances of helicopter action.

The first, a reportedly blue helicopter, has been seen over Ettersburg and Mattole Valley circling properties and houses for the last two days.

The second, a green helicopter was seen this morning over the Briceland/Whitethorn area with cable and object hanging down.  

And, thirdly, a white or silver helicopter has been flying back and forth between Ruby Valley area (west of Redway) and towards the Con Camp at least six times. It also has some kind of object on the end of a cable.