Caltrans Press Release:

The California Transportation Commission today announced it has funded $487 million for 82 construction projects to improve transportation, safety, and mobility across California. 

“The California Transportation Commission is taking action to improve transportation, safety, and mobility from Del Norte to San Diego County,” said California Transportation Agency Secretary Brian Kelly. “These construction projects put people to work and improve the quality of life for millions of Californians.” 

“California is investing in transportation infrastructure to support regional job growth and improve the state’s mobility for years to come,” said Caltrans Director Malcolm Dougherty. 

The allocations include $169 million from Proposition 1B, a 2006 voter-approved transportation bond. To date, more than $16 billion in Proposition 1B funds have been put to work statewide. The remaining $318 million in allocations today came from various state and federal transportation accounts.   

Highlights of the funding allocations include: 

Del Norte County - $14.9 million for a project on Route 199 at the Patrick Creek Narrows near Gasquet to widen and realign the highway, and replace a bridge. 

Humboldt County - $4.7 million for a project on Route 169 [near Klamath] at various locations to widen the highway and install metal beam guardrails. 

Mendocino County - $9.5 million for two projects on Route 128 to rehabilitate culverts and stabilize an embankment.