LoCO reader and Humboldt County writer Amy Beth Barnes noted this flight device cruising the skies above Trinidad and Westhaven yesterday. Anyone able to identify what exactly it is? Any other info? Seemed a pleasant enough way to spend the day…

UPDATE 1 P.M.: LoCO reader Chelsea Stewart-Fusek sent in this photo of the flying beast on the ground at the Arcata Marsh.

UPDATE 9 P.M. After stepping away from the computer and enjoying some Sunday afternoon at the beach, we returned to note an answer in the comments (good work, readers!) as well as a follow up comment over on Facebook aforementioned contributor Chelsea Stewart-Fusek: 

So apparently it belongs to dad of a friend of mine! His mom saw my photo of it (when it was grounded at the marsh) in the Outpost and she told me. He had an amazing time riding around in it.

Nice work, folks! Thank you.