Southern Humboldt Unified School District and Klamath Trinity Schools are rescheduling transportation or closing altogether.  Please see the information provided below. 

SHUSD Press Release:

Southern Humboldt Unified School District Press Release 12/10/13

Bus Schedule for Afternoon 12/10/13-Tuesday

  • East 3 will go up to Pratt 

Elementary 4:00

High School  4:45

  • West 1 and 3 will go as far as Ettersburg School. 

Elementary (West 3)  3:55 pm

High School (West 1) 4:55 pm

  • All other runs are on regular schedules

Bus Schedule for Morning 12/11/13- Wednesday

All West runs will run their regular routes  on the elementary time schedule ONLY

  • West 1, 2, and 4 will meet at Ettersburg Logs for transfers at 8:00 am

  • High School students plan to ride the elementary bus. You will get to school late but that is better than not at all. 

  • West 1 and 3 will go as far as Ettersburg School.

Morning Everybody: 7:30 am

Afternoon Elementary:  2:45 pm

Afternoon High School:  3:45 pm

  • Casterlin School WILL be open at its regular time but there will be no bus transportation

  • East 1 will not run.

  • East 3 will run to Pratt

High School:  6:50 am  3:50 pm
Elementary:   7:44 am  2:50 pm

Klamath Trinity Joint Unified School District Information Posted:

School is CLOSED today and tomorrow, December 10 and 11, 2013 for all Klamath Trinity students. We will keep you posted on the status for Thursday.