So read a wanted poster that quickly spread across social media after the Mad River Union’s revelation that local attorney/Americans With Disabilities act “champion” Jason Singleton played a part in the closure of yet another local business. By Facebook standards, the backlash has been swift and severe. While it’s impossible to quantify how many times the poster has been shared and celebrated at this point, the author of the Union article that sparked it — Jack Durham — gave us a glimpse as to some measure of the issue’s local salience on his Facebook page. From Dec. 12:

“This is strange. More people have viewed this article today than any other article I’ve ever written. Ever. Our fledgling website got a record number of hits. There’s something about the topic that really speaks to people, more so even than our stories about a murder and a deadly fire. What gives?”

People are riled by injustice/loss of meat?

If the untimely end of Arcata’s Porter Street Barbecue is your first encounter with our local crusader for the less-abled, you may enjoy the NCJ’s Heidi Walters’ 2008 article about Singleton’s previous battles with Six Rivers Brewery and Arctic Circle, among others.

Here at your Lost Coast Outpost, we have been inundated with Facebook messages, comments and emails pondering why we weren’t reporting on J-Sing’s exploits. We promise you it is not because we are in the same knitting circle as Mr. Singleton as some, more or less, suggested. To prove it, we’ll just go ahead and pass on a link provided to us to someone’s homemade ADA Abuse website that include’s handy, blurbed PDF judgments to old court cases our hero was involved in. Beware: They’re only good for those that need their belief that this guy is a scum bag solidified further. Some tasty meat:

“The Court finds that counsel’s statement was a purposeful attempt to deceive the Court. The discrepancy between what was represented to the Court and what was the truth is such a large and glaring one as to obviate any belief that the misstatement was the product of mistake or oversight on counsel’s part.” (SOURCE)

“Plaintiff’s counsel’s billing practices are nothing short of appalling. Counsel may rest assured that any future request for fees and costs made to this Court will be subjected to the absolute strictest scrutiny.” (SOURCE)

Anywho, have fun with those.