UPDATE 2/25: story updated here.

UPDATE 3:24 P.M.: Victim airlifted to Mercy Hospital presumably in Redding.

UPDATE 2:55 P.M.: Suspect and one other are currently detained.  Ambulance is with the victim of multiple gunshot wounds.  Helicopter still on the way.

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Scanner traffic is indicating that a person was shot near North Fork Rd. in Petrolia. The victim was reportedly in his or her vehicle when shot.  S/he left the vehicle and walked back to her/his residence. A helicopter is on the way.   Firefighters are with the victim.

Suspect is possibly suicidal. A perimeter is being set up around the area where the shooting occurred. Law enforcement is on the way and air support is being requested.

Hattip to KMUD News for the headsup about the scanner traffic and to Terri Klemetson of KMUD for additional information.