Last night KHUM’s Cliff Berkowitz hosted Humboldt State University’s annual Schaub Lecture, a forum on local political issues named in honor of former Arcata Mayor Victor Schaub. The topic this year was “Rails, Trails and [T]rails,” and it was a deep, 90-minute discussion of ever-contentious state-of-play around the North Coast Railroad Authority and its moribund tracks to the south.

The panelists were Bill Kier, one of Humboldt County’s representatives on the NCRA board of directors; Judy Hodgson, publisher of the North Coast Journal and a member of the Bay [T]rail Advocates; Sam Pennisi, former Arcata mayor; and Dan Hauser, longtime Arcata politico who, while serving in the Assembly, co-authored the legislation that established the NCRA and put the dead corridor in public hands.

Turnout was pretty good, we hear, but if you didn’t make it you can listen to the entire event below. Berkowitz didn’t have mics, but the audio is pretty good.