Chris Cudney originally of Fortuna captured this photo of a lightning storm during the 2008 Summer Solstice.  He explained,

…we had a large dry thunderstorm move through Northern California setting off many wildfires. …After work I ran home and grabbed my equipment. I drove to the top of Kneeland to the transmission towers and watched and waited for the lightning. … Finally around 3am it started moving straight toward me. After several huge strikes near me, I hopped back into my truck and watched as bolts shot down all around my truck. After it passed over, I hopped back out and set up my camera on the transmission tower hoping it would strike near the structure. To my amazement it did just that. I got around 15 shots of lighting that night. 

Cudney was in the Navy for four years, then became a mailman for another five years spending the last year in Portland Oregon. He recently left the post office to attend Texas A&M University Maritime Academy. His Flickr account shows other examples of his work.

Above is the unedited version. Below is the edited version of the photo. Both are dramatic.

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