UPDATE 3:30 P.M.: CHP responded to LoCO questions by explaining that earlier there had been reports of a vehicle driving recklessly on Hwy 299 and then again on Hwy 101.  An officer spotted the vehicle and attempted to make an enforcement stop.  The driver fled. The female passenger was taken into custody. Additional reinforcements came to the scene but were unable to locate the driver. Officers are now attempting to learn the names of the driver and passenger and determine more about the situation.

According to CHP, the flipped vehicle (only one) was an unrelated incident. The gps coordinates  on the map below refer to the flipped vehicle. (See CHP dispatch here for the flipped vehicle.)

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Julia Green, a LoCO reader, described what she called “massive police activity” on Samoa Bld “between the mill and 255.”  Another reader described two flipped over vehicles. A third reader, Melanie Bettenhausen, said there were a “dozen CHP cars, [a]police dog, [and an] airplane on Samoa between Manila and the bridges to Eureka. She added that the scene looked like a manhunt to her with some “officers staked out at the entrance to the bushes” while others were at a distance. 

Information is coming in but the CHP sergeants authorized to give out information are still at the scene, according to CHP dispatch, so the official account 

The green arrow on the map below points to the gps coordinates available on the CHP site but from past experience these coordinates are often don’t accurately indicate the scene of the incident.

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