UPDATE 12:10 P.M.: A PG&E spokesperson explained that at 12:53 A.M. a call came in reporting the incident. By 1:43 a PG&E crew was on site to determine the situation.  According to the spokesperson, a company called Vintage Petroleum sells PG&E gas from their refinery and the address below is “a receiving point where we receive gas from their system to ours. One of their employees had turned one of their compressors off to perform some maintenance.  It allows pressure to build up.  He should have slowly released the valve but he did it all at once. It caused the relief valve to blow.”

The spokesperson explained that the valve was functioning as designed when it released pressure so there was no damage done.

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Scanner traffic has multiple reports of a natural gas leak shooting 100 feet in the air and forming a “large white gas cloud.”  The address of the leak is reported to be at 2811 Van Duzen Rd. off Hwy 36.  PG&E are on their way. Fire crews are approaching the area.  Van Duzen is being blocked to traffic.