Humboldt-tied Caleb Lawrence McGillvary, who skyrocketed to internet fame in February under the moniker “Kai the Hitchhiker,” is wanted by authorities in connection with the killing of a lawyer in New Jersey, numerous news sources are reporting.

Joseph Galfy was found dead of blunt force trauma on Monday in his Clark, N.J. home by officers who’d been called to check on him.

New Jersey law enforcement believe that Kai has cut his hair in an attempt to change his appearance. He was last seen at a light rail station in Haddonfield, N.J. A $5,000 is being offered in connection to the case. Call 908-654-TIPS if you have any information on Kai’s whereabouts.

After intervening in an attack on a PG&E worker in Fresno in February, Kai gave a star-making interview to a local television station. Appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live and The Colbert Report soon followed. He spent a good portion of March hangin’ out in Arcata. 

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UPDATE 1:02 p.m.: The following photo of Kai with short hair and post-face tattoo comes from his Facebook page. 

At a press conference this afternoon, Union County, New Jersey prosecutor Theodore Romankow said that Kai met up with 73-year-old Clark, N.J. attorney Joseph Galfy in New York’s Times Square on Saturday night, eventually returning to Galfry’s home. Galfry would later be found beaten to death wearing only underwear and socks. 

On Tuesday, Kai posted the following on his Facebook page:

New Jersey officials referenced the post during the press conference calling it “pretty much self serving.”

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Back in early March, Lost Coast Outpost-affiliated KSLG-radio’s John Matthews spoke with Kai.


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UPDATE 4:39 p.m.: Numerous news sources are reporting that Kai has been arrested at a bus terminal in Philadelphia early this evening. He was reportedly trying to get to friends in Georgia.

“I am grateful for the overwhelming response and dedicated effort by the public and law enforcement that led to this arrest,” said Union County Prosecutor Theodore Romankow. “I believe that everyone is a little safer with this person off the streets.”