You gotta be kiddin’ your Lost Coast Outpost. The queen is whole again.

You’ll recall that during all the frivolousness that was this weekend’s LoCO Kinetic Koverage, we reported on the tragic loss of Kinetic Rutabaga Queen Sohotshe Burns’ one-of-a-kind royal crown into the inhospitable waters of Humboldt Bay. That’s a murky drink.

Well, we weren’t expecting a happy ending to this one, but then we received the following message from Queen Sohotshe herself: 

My crown has been recovered! Rich Alvarez, Jolene Evans and Tim Moxon [photo below] from HSU’s Scientific Dive Program entered the bay this morning at about 10 a.m. Rich emerged after about 45 minutes with my crown held high above the water. It sounded gnarly — they could only feel around for it and were competing with the current and with what looked like some mischievous, crown-seeking sea lions. Not only have they achieved Glory, they have asked that the reward be donated to Miranda’s Rescue. I’d say that calls for some extra Glory! I’m so thankful to those who braved the waters for this treasure hunt! Thanks to those who were gearing up to give it a try. We have some badass folks in Humboldt County! This Queen feels on top of the world right now!

There you have it, kids. 2013 Kinetic Madness ends on a high note. See y’all next year.