UPDATE 5/31: For better or worse, this clip was chosen for, hmm, I guess you could say analysis by viral video sniffers RightThisMinute. Witness their take below.

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ORIGINAL POST: You’ll admit that we’ve seen a lot of pedestrian vs. vehicle accidents locally lately. Apparently another such incident nearly occurred on the mean streets of McKinleyville over the weekend. 

According to its poster “Joe Hill,” the YouTube vid below chronicles a fight that occurred after some young men ran out in front of a moving vehicle. The couple in the car then exit to take issue with the perceived negligence and the following physical altercation ensues:

The videographer opines from the clip’s description:

“They probably should have handled it a little different, as you can see the redhead has a little road rage going on and her poor boyfriend gets his but stomped. I think they all learned a valuable lesson here from this road rage induced street fight.”