Boom reports started coming in before 6:30 this evening.

At request of a commenter who said,

If you are going to report explosions like this, how about a Boom Report form so we can get as many details as possible in a consistent manner and easy to submit?

So, The Boom Report Form:

(Highlight the questions below by clicking before the “W” in When and and dragging (while still holding the left mouse key down) after the last question. Then hold your “Ctrl” and “C” key down at the same.  Enter that into the comment box. Hold “Ctrl” and “V” key down at the same time.  The questions should appear.  Then answer to the best of your ability.


Where you are located-give cross streets not addresses:

What did you see:

What direction did you see it:

What did you hear:

Where did it sound like it came from: