After understandable outcry from parents over what many see as a mishandled incident, Eureka High School principal Rick Jordan has written a letter addressing the pellet gun shooting that occurred last Thursday and briefly outlining the school’s response:

Dear Parents of Eureka High School Students and the Eureka City Schools’ Community.

Following the recent pellet gun shooting that happened on Thursday, November 7, 2013, I think it is important that I share with you the following facts:

  • A group of Eureka High School students were fired at several blocks from campus as they were returning from lunch break. Two students were hit by pellets. The suspect is yet to be identified.
  • Four of the boys involved immediately came to the Main Office to report the incident to school administration and to Eureka Police Department School Resource Officer Jenkins.
  • Officer Jenkins assessed the situation and determined there was no threat to students on campus at that time and there was no need for a lockdown of Eureka High School.
  • The parents/emergency contacts of the boys involved in the incident were contacted and came to the school.
  • An ambulance was called to assess the medical condition of the two students who had been injured.
  • Paramedics arrived, assessed the injuries, provided first aid, and offered to transport the students to the hospital. The family members of the students who were present declined the offer.
  • The investigation by Eureka High School and the Eureka Police Department is ongoing. In addition to the students involved, several potential witnesses were interviewed. However, the number of leads in the investigation is minimal.
  • Counseling services have been offered and continue to be available for students.

Student safety has been and continues to be my top priority. The serious nature of this incident requires an equally serious response. As such, Eureka High School and the Eureka Police Department are committed to this ongoing investigation.
We need your support in finding the person or persons responsible for this horrific act. Any information you can provide that will lead to the arrest of a suspect will be greatly appreciated. Please contact Eureka High School at 441-2508 or the Eureka Police Department at 441-4060.

Thank you for your ongoing support,
Rick Jordan
Eureka High School