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McKinleyville Boy ‘Clipped’ by Truck on Way to School [UPDATE]

UPDATE 10:22 P.M.: According to the CHP Public Information Officer, Matt Harvey, David Coelho (age 16) was walking southbound on Mckinleyville Ave on the shoulder. (There is no sidewalk.) It is a narrow lane. The right side paddle mirror of a grey Ford F250 passing by hit the back of the youth’s head.  This resulted in minor injuries.

The driver stopped and spoke with Coelho who said that he was okay. They did not exchange information. According to Harvey, the driver met all the requirements. There is no hit and run charges being sought but, if the driver of the vehicle would contact CHP, they would like to take a statement.

“At this point,” explained Sgt. Harvey, “we are unable to determine if the child is too close to the roadway or if the driver was to too close to the shoulder.”

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The California Highway Patrol is reporting that a boy from McKinleyville was “clipped” by a vehicle’s mirror this morning. He was with school staff at the time of the accident and a school nurse is with him. The incident happened at 1700 Murray Rd. around 8:38 A.M. An officer at the scene is still gathering information but at this time it does not appear that the boy was seriously injured.

LoCO will update when they receive more information.

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