Citizens of Ferndale, take comfort in knowing that the first responders in your city are on the ball should disaster befall thee. Proof? Look no further than the care and manpower devoted to what locals are already calling the Great 2013 Ferndale Paint Spill. Witnesses at the scene told the Lost Coast Outpost that a truck turning onto Main St. from Milton Ave. — coincidently, the location of LoCO HQ — took the turn a bit too swiftly causing a can of latex-based paint to become dislodged and fall to the street below. 

Fear not, Ferndale. This was a job Ferndale’s Police Department and its Volunteer Fire Department were more than ready for. The agencies responded, laid out flares and directed traffic around the spill so the paint could safely be cleaned (well, except for the emergency vehicle that drove right through it. Everyone else went around though). 

Your Lost Coast Outpost spoke with KHUM radio live from the scene. That audio is included below.

(AUDIO) Great Ferndale Paint Spill

So, if anyone asks you if the citizens of sleepy Ferndale sit around and watch the paint dry, you look them dead in the eye and say, “They do not. They take action.”