UPDATE 5:15 P.M.: According to  Redwood Coast Tsunami Workgroup’s Facebook page,

Magnitude has been downgraded a notch to a 4.9. Location is holding steady - 32 miles SW of Trinidad, 32 miles WNW of Eureka, or 34 miles W of McKinleyville.

They have also posted a photo of HSU’s Seismogram.

UPDATE 4:31 P.M.: According to NOAA, “No tsunami danger.”

UPDATE 4:25 P.M.: Redwood Coast Tsunami Workgroup posted on their Facebook page,

…an earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 5.0 occurred this afternoon at 4:05 pm local time. The preliminary location is offshore, 32 miles WSW of Trinidad at a depth of 6.8 miles beneath the surface. Remember to DROP, COVER, and HOLD ON when the ground shakes.

Did you feel the shake, rattle, and roll? A 5.0 earthquake off the coast of Eureka just shook Humboldt Co.  Southern Humboldt felt it as well as the northern half of the county.