Apparently another Humboldt County community found itself the victim of some unexplained mystery kaboom Tuesday night. Thus, your Lost Coast Outpost is activating our trusted and beloved feature that we’ve done one other time … Two Makes it True! — If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, please refer to previous successful implementation.

Checking the ol’ LoCO mailbox this morning, we were shocked and dismayed to come across the following reader’s report from Humboldt Hill:

There was a huge flash followed a house shaking explosion Tuesday night around 8pm on Humboldt Hill. My wife and I felt it over a mile apart along with all the neighbors coming out to see what it was. Do you guys have any feedback on that? It was way to big to be a transformer or hash lab, I would think. Thanks

… which reminded us of another message that came in on the night in question:

Just heard one very loud boom off Humboldt Hill above Berta Road area…not sure if it shook house or not. Any other reports? Any idea of what it could have been? Power is still on.

Two makes it true! When LoCO launched Two Makes it True, we did not intend for it to only be dragged out when our fair communities allegedly explode. However, in those simpler times we did not know we’d be blowing up so frequently. So, did you hear something go kaboom near Humboldt Hill on Tuesday? If so, what do you theorize it was? Please be experts in the comment section below.