(UPDATE: The Lost Coast Outpost’s Mark McKenna gets the full scoop and the boss photos, below.)


… just putting up some power poles, looks like.

KHUM callers are wondering what’s up with the helicopter circling ‘round Eureka today.

And when KHUM callers wonder, Lost Coast Outpost readers answer. LoCO Level Three Facebook Friends Angie Stouffer and Chris Hyden and Vickie Palmer send in photos of the ‘copter in question, which seem to conclusively demonstrate that this thing is helping install some new infrastructure. Unless the NSA disguises its chemtrail-spewing aircraft more cleverly than it has in the past, I suppose.

Since this is officially Rod Deal Day on the Outpost and KHUM: Please re-enjoy this classic Rod Deal cut.


UPDATE, 3:40 p.m.:

Says the LoCO‘s Mark McKenna, serially:

TEXT: “Registration for the chopper. Getting pics now. http://registry.faa.gov/aircraftinquiry/NNum_Results.aspx?NNumbertxt=633SC

TEXT: “Work is being done at the end of Valley View Drive”

TEXT: “Here is one of the contractor’s trucks” (Photo of a truck belonging to Summit Line Construction, phone number 435-657-0721) 

VOICEMAIL: “Hey, Hank, it’s McKenna.. They are definitely replacing power lines. The company is out of Utah. And actually, I’m getting some photos of the dude swapping the line the old pole to the new pole. So I’ll head back to the office in little bit. They’re gonna come back out in about an hour and pull the old pole out, so if I have time I’ll try to run back up. All right. Late.”

McKenna, if we haven’t said it before, is the greatest. Photos: