[Ed. note: Introducing the Lost Coast Outpost’s newest feature, “Two Makes It True.” Standard journalistic practice requires three sources to triangulate the truth of an assertion. In “Two Makes It True,” the threshold is lower.]

Your Lost Coast Outpost rose this morning to find two messages in our Facebook inbox concerning a loud flash and boom that rocked a corner of Eureka last night.

Message one, from a person whose precise 20 in the Victorian Seaport we have not yet ascertained:

Any idea if a meteorite hit Eureka? At about 1:30 am my wife and I saw a huge flash of light and heard a boom outside our house. I went running out and found nothing and no-one. Meteors aren’t supposed to flash when they hit but it is the only thing I can think of.

Message two, from someone in the general Winco vicinity:

Any word on what that huge, house shaking boom was at 2 am.? And why there have been no follow up noises??

Two makes it true. If the boom/flash tore you out of bed, please post your report in the comments below. If you are responsible for the boom/flash, confess now. And if you have a plausible theory about what the boom/flash actually was, whether meteorite or WW II-era ordnance or terrorist attack, please share it with us here and see if you can get one other person to agree, at which point your theory will be considered proven.