Alright, Humboldt, some of you have been telling us that Channing Tatum is wandering about the county. We were skeptical but…

Channing on the right.

When we saw the photo being passed around on Facebook, we asked Kevin if he would mind sharing. Kevin Gregorio, who lives in the Honeydew area, agreed.

Gregorio said he recognized Channing day before yesterday and they shook hands. “That’s when I asked if he was here for some pot.” Channing said, “No,” but asked how to get to the Lost Coast Lighthouse. “So I gave him directions.”

There may not be many more sightings because Channing told Gregorio that he was headed north to Washington but wanted to explore our coast along the way. Nonetheless, here’s the place to post if you see him.

For those of us who are pop culture challenged, Tatum is best known for the following movies.