Here’s the latest post in our “Be On the Lookout” series, where we highlight stolen items and ask you, our readers, to help your neighbors by passing on any helpful information to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

On Wednesday, March 26, the Humboldt Amateur Radio Club(AKA HARC) communications rig was burglarized.

The items taken (see photos below) include: an Icom IC-229 VHF transceiver, an Icom IC -2100 VHF transceiver, a Kenwood TS-440 HF transceiver with manual in original shipping box,an Icom MC80 Desk Microphone for Kenwood TS-440 and a tote filled miscellaneous hardware and two CB radios.

HARC is a community driven nonprofit who provide communications for local events like the Foggy Bottoms Run/Walk and the Kinetic Sculpture Race, as well as crucial services in times of local and national emergencies.

According to Tiffany Carrol, “These are the people who operate and maintain our earthquake and tsunami warning systems! The members of this group volunteer their time, their equipment and their expertise to provide these services to our community at large. I am PERSONALLY offering a reward to the person(s) whose information leads to the recovery of the stolen property.”  

If you have any information, please call the Eureka Police Department at 441-4040 and 441-4044.






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