A Chevy Blazer on its roof near the corner of Fourth and J Street. [Photo sent in by a reader.]

Updated 3:40 p.m.: According to Brittany Kesterson of the Eureka Police Department (EPD,) a further investigation showed that the red Chevy Blazer left the jail parking lot and attempted to cross three lanes of traffic to enter the parking lot at the Courthouse Market. It was broadsided by the Geo Prism and landed on a Subaru Outback that had just parked along the north curb of 4th street. Several pedestrians narrowly escaped being hit.

Oddly, Kesterson said, The driver of the Subaru Outback exited the car apparently uninjured. She walked west away from the scene of the accident.   The EPD was able to determine that had happened from watching surveillance video. Kesterson said, “We would like her to come forward and give her side of the story. We towed her vehicle.”

EPD did not find anything unusual in her vehicle, said Kesterson. 

The driver of the Geo Prism, his two dogs, and the driver of the Chevy Blazer were all uninjured. The driver of the blazer said he didn’t see the oncoming car when he attempted to cross the road. 


Original post: According to Eureka Police Department spokesperson Brittany Kesterson, there were no injuries when a Chevy Blazer and a Geo Prism collided earlier this afternoon.

Details on the incident are still being investigated and the accident scene is being cleared.