Welcome (back) to HITCHED, your Lost Coast Outpost‘s (apparently) semi-regular listing of love-loving locals produced whenever the Humboldt County Clerk/Recorder’s office sends us the info!

Do you love love? Then you love HITCHED! Hooray!

Perhaps the most important HITCHED feature comes after the list of people you might know. That is where LoCO picks out the official wedding song for this week’s batch of optimists. We’re not saying you have to use our selection, but couples who have opted not to, well, they are all divorced now. Here we go!

# # #

  • Alexandra V. Smith and Mark A. Pinske
  • Justin J. Biondini and Sara K. Harris
  • Lareyna M. Voldovinos and Rafael Martinez Rodriguz
  • Karissa D. Hall and Austin J. Roberts
  • Michael A. Crafton and Jennifer N. Scott
  • Michael Wallace and Marie J. Granshaw
  • Lisa N. Gonzalez and Joshua D. Setzer
  • Blake T. Nilsen and Sadie R. Pichulo
  • Joshua H. Coppock and Gina M. Fragola
  • Scott M. Powell and Elizabeth H. Nelson
  • Brenna A. Callaham and Jason D. Collom
  • Natasha M. Breen and Christopher W. Wong
  • Hannah J. Jones and Jesse J. Ozanian
  • Aimee L. La Haie and John M. Breazeal
  • Selene M. Turner and Justin S. Wirthman
  • Leigh A. Boucher and Shawn K. Owsley
  • Andrea M. Hamel and Anthony C. Webb
  • Mariah L. Gaines and Kyle A. Young
  • Guillermo Ruiz Escobar and Reyna M. Gonzalez-Hernandez
  • Ashley J. Wright and Raymond E. Dickerson
  • Alicia L. Ruckh and Randall P. Blake
  • Aaron W. Black and Corinna L. Neufeld

And now this week’s HITCHED soundtrack. Enjoy your first dance, wedded people!: