SkyWest Airlines will soon be dropping service between California Redwood Coast – Humboldt County Airport and Sacramento, according to the county’s airport manager.

The last of the twice-daily roundtrip flights will leave McKinleyville on Dec. 2. At the same time, flights out of Crescent City to Sacramento (via CRC-HCA) will end.

The move appears to be part of systemwide restructuring at SkyWest, as the airline, which specializes in small airports, attempts to come to terms with poor financial performance. The company will also cease flying in and out of Chico on Dec. 2.

County airport manager Emily Jacobs said that efforts to get another airline into CRC-HCA continue. A Humboldt County delegation will be pitching new airlines at an industry conference next month, she said. In the meantime, the news is not good for the airport.

“The more destinations you have, the more routes you have, the better off you are,” Jacobs said. “It’s never good to lose a destination.”

SkyWest will continue to operate flights for United between Humboldt County and San Francisco.